From our EPA super fund cleanup site, stormwater management system, leading edge LED lighting and an impeccable maintenance program, . Simon Metals is committed to our environment and the effects our industry contributes to our carbon footprint we hear so much about.

Simon Metals, LLC, formerly Joseph Simon & Sons, Inc., has been operating continuously on this property since 1967. Prior to that, for many decades, the property and/or adjoining parcels operated as everything from meat packing facilities to coal reclamation operations, known as the Tacoma Tar Pits. Also, Puget Sound Energy inhabited the property for various utility operations in prior years and still operates from an adjoining parcel.

Simon Metals & The Environment

Based on the history of processing and producing hazardous waste at this location over many decades, the site was named as an EPA Super Fund designated cleanup priority site in the late 1980’s.Commencing in the early to mid-1990’s, a complete remediation of the top soils on the site and adjoining parcels was commenced. Puget Sound Energy was named as the leading contributor to the contamination of the site and therefore, most responsible party in the clean-up. Joseph Simon & Sons was named as a contributing party and also responsible for a proportionate share of the clean-up. In negotiating its share of the remediation, Joseph Simon & Sons (JSS) accepted a greater share of the financial costs of the clean-up and a more stringent remediation proposal in exchange for a commitment from the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) to pursue “no further action” against JSS beyond the remediation prescribed, effectively removing itself from further clean-up related liability in consideration of a more robust clean-up and stringent ongoing compliance protocol. As such, JSS committed to removing several tens of thousands of tons of contaminated soils and to constructing a concrete cap and water drainage/rainwater capture system over the entire 11 acre working property with 2 additional acres left as mounded remediated soils with no activity allowed on those parcels. This remediation was completed in the mid-1990’s and soil testing subsequent to the remediation has found contaminants in the ground soil and water table to be below acceptable standards.

As such, the EPA’s “no further action” declaration was approved and the maintenance of the property from an ongoing compliance standpoint was turned over to the Washington State Department of Ecology’s Stormwater Permit compliance monitoring process. In essence, Simon Metals is under orders not to disturb or modify the concrete cap on the property and to maintain its stormwater system in compliance with Department of Ecology water standards. For years, the property’s stormwater collection ponds, settlement pool and oil/water filtration system ensured compliance with Ecology’s mandates. At times, during periods of heavy rainfall or other events, testing may have revealed water discharges out of compliance with the storm water permit. However, approximately 3 years ago, a new storm water system developed by a company called Clear Water Services, LLC, was constructed and installed as a real time water filtration and run off system which greatly exceeded the performance standards mandated by the Department of Ecology and as such, all subsequent water tests have proven fully successful, and even exceptional when measured with respect to compliance to the Department of Ecology’s standards.

Today, Simon Metals remains committed to being a conscientious and effective steward of our shared environment.

*The table above illustrates the impact and environmental costs associated in transporting surplus materials for recycling and processing from the City of Tacoma public utility site.


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